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Ploen Chit Fair-011207- (505 of 571)

The Ploen Chit Fair is an annual charity event in Bangkok; essentially it is celebrating the Englishness of the English village fete, while raising lots of money for charity. I must say though that the kids love this even more than the adults; for kids it’s a world full of excitement, for the adults there seems only to be Scalextric and the wine stalls…but who would complain about that!

The photograph was shot in RAW using the Shutter Priority settings on a Canon EOS 400d (Kiss X); F/4; 1 /25 Sec; ISO 400; Pattern Metering Mode; 25 mm Focal Length; -0.7 (-2/3 of a stop) Fill in Flash; Exposure Compensation; EF-S18-55 F3.5-5.6 USM Lens. This picture was created with Adobe photoshop CS3.