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Fortunately or unfortunately I was not swimming with my camera while this glided past. It was a specimen in the Monterey Bay Aquarium next to Cannery Row, USA. The aquarium is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon; however for photography the possibilities for good shots are a little limited, mostly it's too dark and signs discourage the use of flash, therefore sharks that glide quickly by are often blurred. Here I used the F1.4 sigma 30mm and as it lets so much light onto the sensor, this is not a big problem.

Shot as a JPEG using the aperature priority settings on a Canon EOS 400d (Kiss X); F/1.4; 1/30 Sec; ISO 400; Average Metering Mode; 30 mm Focal Length; -0.7 (-2/3 of a stop) Exposure Compensation; Sigma DC 30mm F1.4 HSM SLD Lens. This picture was put together using Adobe photoshop CS3